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Do you want to drive traffic and get a higher ranking for your website? Then SEO is the key. SEO means Search engine optimization. Now you know what SEO is, but do you know how it works and where to focus for maximum gain? You are at the right place to understand it thoroughly.

In exact SEO is a process of improving the ranking of the website on google for your business-related key terms. It is the most effective business tactic in digital marketing where you can blindly invest your time to gain advantages in various ways. The SEO involves different activities, detecting related keywords with better search traffic potential, optimizing the created high-quality user content for users, measuring results, and enclosing links from high-quality sites. The traffic for SEO can be generated from the free, editorial, organic, or natural search result. In today’s digital world SEO is an essential market activity.

Different Types of SEO We Provide

On-page SEO

This is the onsite SEO a process that optimizes the content on your websites. Example of it includes a header, keywords, body copy, Meta description, Meta titles, and images. To have an effective on-page SEO we make sure to have well-done research keywords and phrases that you want to rank for search engines. To do so we make sure to have keywords with high relevance and search volume but less competition. Have optimized Meta data, as Metadata helps Google searches what the content is on the page. Ensure your complete page is optimized. Make sure to perform internal links.

By using the above tips for your on-page SEO we will help Google to understand your website and once it is done you will be rewarded with displaying your site to relevant search queries.

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO is used to build trust and exposure for the website to obtain an ultimate result of visitors and sales. It is mainly focused on link building, which means making other related reputable website link to your site. To achieve this you can use tips such as pitching articles to other relevant sites’ blogs or online publications. We check the backlink profile of your competitor site and help reporters in your relevant work by offering information or quotes in your expertise for their insight reports on certain areas.

Local SEO

Local SEO is used for increasing your site presence and promotion in your local area and community. Local SEO focuses only on specific areas and not on national focus. Your Google business profile which includes your business address, photos, working hours, and review is what Google ranking is based on. Based on the requirement of the searcher we give this local SEO that will benefit you with a free, high target, and greater opportunity for local ranking that helps in GMB listing. To achieve this we go with writing a tailored landing page, submit spam on Google maps, including local links, and optimize your local profile.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO includes the actions of search engines for inching toward your website and enhancing user experience. To ensure technical SEO efforts confirm website speed is better, templates are simple, optimized visuals, limit redirects, have a mobile-friendly site, and ensure a clean navigation hierarchy with consistent internal links for better and concise site structure that is our specialty.

How does a Search Engine work?

The search engine works when a user has a query and searches for the answer on the internet. Its algorithm search for the clues it consists of and then shows the relevant results. This includes

Crawling- Search engines search for new pages and then record information about them called crawling.

Indexing-Search engine decides whether to use the found information or not called indexing. It is the final ranking page.

Ranking- Search engines sort and rank the content and information they collected. This is where the site is ranked.

Three Important Pillars of SEO

SEO is mainly supported by the three pillars that are discovery, relevance, and authority that our client admires us for. These three pillars will ensure that your content marketing strategy will increase your ranking on the search engine result page.

Discovery- To ensure that your site gets noticed by potential clients we make sure that Google notices your site first. To do so, we use tactics of backlink and powerful and practical keywords strategy throughout your website.

Relevant- We help to stay relevant online to continuously occur on search engine result pages by having a simple and user-friendly website. Where collecting backlinks, superior keyword strategy, and user friendly-thrust worthy site that keeps traffic coming on.

Authority- Guide you to be a voice of authority in your industry as authority and relevance go hand in hand with each other. With help of search engine authority gets visibility as well as gets your position as a thought leader in your industry.

Difference between our Paid and Organic Search

While understanding SEO it is necessary to understand the difference between Organic and Paid SEO as they will affect a lot in your digital marketing.

Position- The position of paid SEO is always at top of the search engine result page which provides them more exposure whereas organic SEO are beneath them.

ROI- With paid SEO ROI is easier to measure as Google provides more keyword data that helps quick capturing in Google analytics. ROI in Organic Search is harder to measure but over time it can also provide better ROI.

Time- With paid search, the result you obtain is within minutes or quicker in time. Whereas, organic search results are obtained after some time like weeks, months, or years.

Payment- In paid search, you need to pay for every click when a user clicks on your ads. Which is also called pay-per-click for cost-per-click. Whereas, organic search, traffic is free of cost. But organic search requires resources and time to obtain.

Traffic Share- Coming to traffic share most of the searchers click on the organic SEO results whereas a comparative few clicks on the paid results.

SEO is never finished even after strategy and actions, it is a continuous process to improve.

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